with [with, with]
[ME < OE, orig., against, in opposition to, contr. < or akin to wither, against < IE * witero- (< base * wi-, asunder, separate + compar. suffix) > Ger wider, against]
1. in opposition to or competition facing; against [to argue with a friend, to vie with the champions]
a) alongside of; near to
b) in the company of
c) into; among [mix blue with yellow]
3. as an associate, or companion, of [to play golf with one's son]
a) as a member of [playing with a string quartet]
b) working for, serving under, etc. [having been with the firm for 20 years]
a) in some relation to or toward; about [pleased with her gift]
b) regarding; concerning [with him, life is always a struggle]
6. in the same terms as; compared to; contrasted to [having equal standing with the others]
7. as well as, as completely as, etc. [able to field a ball with the best]
8. of the same opinions, beliefs, etc. as [I'm with you there]
9. in support of; on the side of [voting with the Tories]
10. in the opinion or estimation of [my decision is all right with her]
11. as a result of; because of [faint with hunger]
a) by means of; using [to stir with a spoon, to play tennis with a new racket]
b) by the use, presence, etc. of; by [filled with air]
a) accompanied by, attended by, circumstanced by, etc. [enter with confidence]
b) having received [with your permission, he'll go]
14. having as a possession, attribute, accouterment, etc.; bearing, wearing, or owning [the man with brown hair]
15. showing or exhibiting [to play with skill]
16. in the keeping, care, etc. of [the children were left with the baby sitter]
a) added to [those, with the ones we have, will be enough]
b) including [with the stepchildren, the family numbers ten]
18. in spite of; notwithstanding: often followed by all [with all his boasting, he is a coward]
a) at the same time as [to rise with the chickens]
b) in the same direction as [to travel with the sun]
c) in the same degree as; in proportion to [wages that vary with skill]
d) in the course of [grief lessens with time]
20. to; onto [join one end with the other]
21. from [to part with one's gains]
22. following upon; after [with that remark, he left]
with that
after, or as a consequence of, that

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